What I do

If you need a computer replacement there are many options. Best place to start is to consider what you need it for. Most business computers don’t need to be big fancy expensive rigs and you don’t want to get a cheap and nasty either. If you need help with this I can visit you and discuss your IT requirements. Don’t have time? We can do it over the phone.

When a replacement system has been decided on, I do most of the system set-up work before I bring it to you. This reduces the operating impact to your business.

I prefer do the file transfers from your old system to the new at your premises. This way you are there to ensure that all your data is handled the way you want.

In some cases your system doesn’t need really need replacing but is just running like a slug, I can give it a clean-up service saving you quite a bit.

If your system is spitting out errors and we can’t fix it, well we don’t think it’s fair for you to have to pay for nothing… we won’t charge!

What I do to save you time

  • Installation and configuration of Operating System including current updates
  • Delivery to Melbourne Metro area and standard setup
  • Connection to your standard work-group network
  • Transfer your data from your old system
  • All software installations and updates are done prior to delivery to minimise disruption to your business activities

Repairs and Upgrades

I service Melbourne’s South East Suburbs providing computer and laptop repairs and upgrades. I can come to you or you can bring your machine to Highett and save on costs.

Save on Refurbished systems

Refurbished systems are also available and can be configured to suit your needs. Refurbished systems include top tier brands like HP, Dell, Lenovo etc. when in stock.

*12 months Warranty on all new hardware